13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why: Who Killed Bryce Walker in Season 3

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This will be the great mystery of the next episodes. And the culprit is certainly among them … Netflix decided to play fair, from the trailer: season 3 of 13 Reasons Why will be totally centered on the death of Bryce Walker, buried in the video and obviously murdered by one of Liberty High’s students! Who did it? It will be all the salt of the main plot of the season, while the mother of Hannah Baker’s unbearable rapist will seek to shed light on what happened to his son.

And inevitably, it is assumed that the culprit is among them, as suggested at least the promo launched by Netflix.

Is Clay the culprit? It is true that the young hero of the series would have some reasons to want to send Bryce six feet underground.

Is Tony the culprit? Even if you can not believe it, the craziest theories are not always the least true.

Is Tyler the culprit? We saw that he had the strength to kill.

Is Zach the culprit? The former lover of Hannah would also have his reasons.

Is Chlöe the culprit? Pushed to the end by the rapist of Liberty High, she might have cracked.

Is Jessica the culprit? Another victim of Bryce, she seemed to have healed her injuries in season 2.

But maybe not …

Is Justin the culprit? Unlikely, but maybe only to try to save his mistakes from the past … Is Montgomery the culprit? He might have decided to get rid of his troublesome mentor.

Is Alex the culprit? It’s hard to believe. Is Ani, the news, the culprit? She will be the narrator now. Maybe for a good reason!

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