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Avengers Endgame: Kevin Feige recalls Captain America’s severed head and Thanos throne

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The film was almost darker

While Aversggers: Endgame is coming out in the United States on DVD and Blu-ray, Kevin Feige is doing after-sales service and evokes with Empire readers scenario ideas that have finally failed to see the day. The boss of Marvel Studios tells how in meetings with writers and directors, he never separated from the complete comics.

The Glove of Infinity, pushing for some striking boxes find their place in the film: “It There was this image of Thanos sitting on a throne of skulls (…) The idea was that after the time robbery, they return to a world (in 2023, ed) that Thanos has already conquered.

We could have placed the throne of skulls and Thanos throwing, like a bowling ball, the severed head of Captain America, still in the mask, to Captain America himself. It was pretty cool but we never managed to find a logical scenario path leading to that.

He points out that the scene in question has even been integrated into a version of the script and that “there could be a concept art of that somewhere”. We would very much like Marvel Studios to unveil it publicly someday.

when (and how) did Steve Rogers return to his timeline?

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers returns to the past to return the infinity stones to their respective places, thus avoiding creating multiple parallel timelines. But to everyone’s surprise, the superhero does not finally return to his starting point and his confreres discover amazed that he has become an old man and decided to spend his life alongside Peggy Carter.

The Russo brothers had already explained that “returning, the superhero creates an alternative reality. In this reality, it coexists with another Captain America always frozen. They said that “the question is: how does he come back to this reality to give the shield” to Sam Wilson?

Asked by fans about Reddit, the directors say a little more about what happened: “He should have used his quantum combination and use a particle of Pym to make the jump” to his timeline. origin. “But he does not wear the suit when he is on the bench, because it is not at that time that he is back.”

Which implies that Rogers spent a little (or a long?) Moment in his reality before deciding to show himself. Would he have been around long enough to go to Peggy Carter’s funeral, as many fans think? Surely Marvel Studios is going to exploit this story in one way or another, in film or on television.

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