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Top 10 Darkest Rick and Morty Moments

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these moments are darker than the place,Rick’s hurt should be welcome to, Artie moments Morty please,I love you sweetheart.

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go to the video description and click on,a special link for an instant 50,000,silver and a free epic champion within a,week as part of the new player program,to start your journey good luck and I’ll,see you there,for this list we’re going over the,bleakest goriest and most disturbing,moments from the adult cartoon Rick and,Morty be warned there will be spoilers,ahead so

if you really want your grandpa,back grab a shovel the one that won’t,let you down is buried in your backyard,you’re right what number 10 simple,Rick’s one of the more bizarre things,about Rick and Morty is that an entire,cities worth of alternate versions of,the genius Rick and not so genius Morty,live and work together on one massive,space station all the different Rick’s,from all the different realities cut,together to hide here from the,

government one of the businesses on the,Citadel is a cookie factory whose,products are flavored by the joy,distilled from the single memory of a,Rick held prisoner we captured that,moment we run it on a loop,simple Rick’s mind and the chemical that,makes his brain secrete goes into every,simple Rick’s simple wafers wafer cookie,as if this wasn’t grim enough one of the,factory’s employees freeze the trap,trick by killing him but is then used to,replace simple

Rick just when he thinks,he’s escaped we captured that taste and,we keep giving it to him so he can give,it right back to you and every bite of,new simple Rick freedom wafer select and,we thought Willy Wonka was diabolical,number nine Moulin McNugget sauce the,season two finale of Rick and Morty sees,Rick Sanchez give himself up to the,Galactic Federation and going to prison,seemingly to protect his family however,after escaping imprisonment and his,son-in-law

Jerry asks his wife Beth to,choose between them Rick’s

motives are,shown to be less clear-cut in a deranged,rant to Morty in the garage echoing the,one in the pilot episode Rick reveals,his imprisonment was an elaborate way,for him to push Jerry out of their lives,while also promising darker adventures,to come welcome to the darkest year of,our adventures first thing that’s,different no more dad Morty,he threatened to turn me in to the,government so I made him in the,government go away oh he also manages to,make a tangent about Szechuan sauce for,McDonald’s surprisingly menacing

I’m not,driven by avenging my dead family Morty,that was fake I’m driven by fighting,that big nugget sauce I want that Mulan,McNuggets sauce morning that’s my series,our world if it takes nine seasons,I want my McNugget dipping sauce Morty,number eight evil Morty takes over after,Rick’s near destruction of the Citadel,and the deaths of its counsel the,bizarre dimension-hopping city is in,need of new leadership an election is,held and a more team manages to take a,surprising lead,[Applause],holy shit however an assassination,attempt by one of his former Morty,staffers and a few other hints make it,clear that something is off,you gotta

listen to me I worked for him,I was just campaign manager that Morty,is not what he seems all becomes clear,when the newly-elected Morty leader has,an influential cabal of Rick’s murdered,and a familiar tune begins playing,revealing this Morty to be the evil one,previously encountered in the series who,was demonstrated that he can be just as,bad or worse than any Rick this seems,like a good time for a drink and a cold,calculated speech with sinister,overtones number seven keep summer safe,while visiting a dimension where giant,spiders coexist with humans,

Rick Morty and summer encounter engine,trouble while the former to investigate,the problem inside the battery,reconstructs his car’s artificial,intelligence to keep summer safe the AI,takes this incredibly seriously as it,first stuns or kills people who come,close to the car this eventually draws,the attention of the police leading to a,horrific Lee traumatic experience for,one of the officers I’m sorry I’m sorry,I’m sorry daddy leave the car alone oh,my god although the AI is able to,resolve things peacefully eventually its,initial draconian methods are quite,traumatizing for summer and the viewers,if you’re talking about the melting,ghost babies yes please no more of that,number six,Rick’s attempt at self destruction,Rick’s personal life outside his family,is rarely delved into and one of the few,times we have seen a reference to it is,when he runs into an ex love interest of,his unity a hive mind,we need a hang glider and a crotchless,Uncle Sam costume and I want the entire,field of your largest stadium covered,end to end with naked redheads and I,want the stands packed with every man,that remotely resembles my father,although they and Rick reconnect and,engage in a lot of hedonistic activities,ultimately unity breaks up with Rick,after their intoxication leads to a loss,of control over their unruly hosts I,lose Who I am and become part of you,because in a strange way you’re better,at what I do without even trying while,it was probably in both of their,interests Rick takes it harder than one,might expect given his character,attempting to vaporize his own head and,only surviving by passing out in a,drunken stupor Rick Sanchez is a,monumentally self-destructive person but,seeing him actually try to end his own,life was still shockingly dark number,five burying their own bodies,Rick’s capacity for destruction is as,big as as ego and that ain’t small after,a request for a love potion from Morty,turns viral Rick’s attempts to fix it,actually make things worse creating an,apocalyptic spread of the virus that,mutates the inhabitants of their version,of Earth into monsters okay well,sometimes science is more art than,science Morty a lot of people don’t get,that rather than attempting to fix,things,Rick and Morty abandoned that version of,reality and go to a version of Earth,where their counterparts died burying,their own dead bodies in the backyard,while Rick takes it in stride Morty is,completely traumatized and we would be,too in his shoes number four Slick Morty,the Citadel of Rick’s amplifies the,dysfunction of Rick and Morty by,thousands and there are several dark and,grim tales of Rick’s and Morty’s who,live there one story sees a group of,Morty students go on an adventure in the,vein of Stand By Me in order to find a,legendary wishing portal that’s a myth,it’s not a myth my first tricks forth,Morty nua Rick who’s Morty went there,however upon arriving at their,destination and making their wishes by,throwing things in the portal the cool,Slick Morty throws himself in as he’s,become despairing of life ever improving,for Morty’s I wish anything about this,life would change well I hope you’re,putting something pretty goddamn,important in there,me too but I doubt it while it’s,possible he survived the fact that the,portal ends up being a garbage dump is,still a grim cherry on this bleak Sunday,garbage,stand back number three little boy and,little girl,Gordy’s dad Jerry rarely goes on,adventures with Rick partly because of,their mutual dislike but also because,Jerry is easily intimidated and it would,be easy for him to die put some pants on,there’s no time for Jerry I’ll make you,a pair of pants on the way it’s a Ricky,Terry adventure Rick and Jerry episode,Rick seeks to prevent this outcome by,taking Jerry on a trip to a resort with,an immortality field that prevents,visitors from dying from otherwise fatal,injuries including a pair of alien,children who shoot one another with real,laser guns resorts covered in an,immortality field you can’t die here,that’s the gimmick an attempt on Rick’s,life unfortunately causes the field to,deactivate causing the little boy alien,to shoot and kill the little girl Lisa,who’s presumably his sister talk about,something that would mess you up for,life made that number two mr. jellybeans,Morty’s own attempts at finding a fun,adventure do not turn out well excuse me,we are too we humble heroes in search of,adventure my god so embarrassing he and,Rick soon land themselves on trial for,murder of a giant but after being,exonerated from any wrongdoing they come,across something even more upsetting,while in a restroom in a tavern morty,encounters an anthropomorphic jellybeans,move soon attempts to rape morty forcing,the distraught teen to fight off his,attacker and a brutal and incredibly,upsetting moment really uncomfortable,seeing one of the protagonists nearly,raped is an incredibly dark place to,take the show to,[Music],we’re just glad Rick gave mr. jellybeans,what he deserved,can you imagine trying to rank the,darkest moments in Rick and Morty we,basically had infinite choices geez who,knew a show about a grandfather and,grandson going on intergalactic,adventures could be so nihilistic anyway,if the moment you think is darkest has,not appeared yet be sure to wait until,after these honorable mentions,dishonorable who knows now they’re all,resting comfortably in my stomach Oh am,i feeling good no get away from me so,what are you doing with love of mine,access anyway it’s destroying the,Galactic government awesome I’m a,version of your brother you can trust,when he says don’t run nobody exists on,purpose nobody belongs anywhere,everybody’s gonna die come watch TV okay,let’s wrap this good job Morty let’s go,kids,what hold this Rick trick in the book,jeez Wow Morty now you’re getting into,it not quite at the end yet almost there,though just be sure to subscribe to our,channel and ring the bell to be notified,about our latest videos all right back,to business,number one parasites disguised as loved,ones a parasite Rick or Mordy brings,back from one of their adventures ends,up attaching itself to the family and,reproducing creating false memories of,various increasingly outlandish friends,and loved ones,what uncle Steve taught me how to ride a,bike no Steve put that memory in your,brain so he could live in your house eat,your food and multiply Morty and Rick,discovered that the parasites are unable,to create bad memories though which,leads to them and the rest of the family,being forced to kill the people they,have only happy memories of come on man,haven’t we ever had an uncomfortable,silence or an awkward fart on a road,trip,come on pencil Wester give me anything,which is really messed up since it leads,to Beth killed a parasite pretending to,be her perfect husband sleepy Gary no,doubt deeply affecting her and her real,husband Jerry for that matter I have a,plan,if we can get to my boat there’s no no,send me to Gary I want to be with Gary,although the fact that she mistakenly,shoots the very real mr. poopy butthole,seems to be the thing that pushes best,most into grief he told me to tell you,he’s sorry you didn’t have bad memories,of him if you loved him,you should leave do you agree with our,picks check out this other recent clip,from WatchMojo and be sure to subscribe,and ring the bell to be notified about,our latest videos,you

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