PES 2020 eFootball TEST : The almost undisputed holder of your lounge

The football season has already resumed on the pitches, so it was time for it to resume on consoles as well. And once again, Konami kicks off the season with its annual release, renamed eFootball PES 2020, due to a new video game strategy… but with a game background in line with the two previous releases. Winner? Let’s find out.

The seasons follow one another and look alike for the Pro Evolution Soccer saga and that in itself is good news. This is the first impression, the first truth that comes out after a few games of eFootball PES 2020, a name that will certainly be shortened in the coming days – if it hasn’t already been done – but which denotes the global policy of the Japanese publisher-developer Konami for his foal in shorts and studs : to make the license evolve, while keeping, deepening and improving the fundamentals placed with conviction two years ago now, with PES 2018 not to mention it.

The seasons follow one another and are similar because the background is the same, in the end. Why take the risk of scuppering a recipe that is more and more tasty season after season when all you have to do is stir it from time to time, listening to the opinions of the most renowned chefs – the players, those on the front line – to improve what can and must be improved? PES 2019 has been criticised for playing too fast forward, very attacking and, above all, much too aerial, with a propensity to defy the air to score and score, where the call of the land and good old grass seemed more appropriate. Reproaches that did not fall on deaf ears. While Konami hasn’t always responded favourably to the demands of its community, it seems that the developers have taken on board many of the comments posted here and there over the past few months.

It must be said that the eSport component and the standardization of competitions (eFootball.Pro and eFootball Open) have necessarily played a part in this. And the result is up to the expectations of May and the promises spread last June and July. eFootball PES 2020 Free Download is an easy game, in which you must quickly print the following deal: because of their inertia, all the players’ gestures are slow, heavy (at the beginning), which is not the case of their environment, namely the speed of the ball on their strike, the crosses, the changes of game, and the deep passes, let’s say it right away, weapons of mass destruction of this component, which inevitably takes us back a few years, when the famous “triangle” of families could break, sometimes once and only once, the biggest defensive walls. To put it plainly, we will have to build, even more than last year’s title, to be precise, because playing fast ball runs, dynamic one-two’s and excessive rhythm will almost de facto trigger a ball loss, too long a control or an unwelcome parasitic gesture in the last move. And na!

The relearning of the game for some and the baptism of fire for others is all the more full-bodied as the defence is to be reviewed, too. If the defenders are showing a welcome aggressiveness, it will be necessary to quickly understand the new pressing system and show a keen sense of anticipation so as not to be overwhelmed too quickly. As mentioned earlier, deep passes are deadly this season and the defensive line sometimes has trouble covering its backs well. And sometimes the cursor (even in manual mode, a function that allows you to direct your own defence, let’s not forget) can play a nasty trick (a recurrence on PES, alas) when you’re about to attack the ball.

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